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CNG - Compressed Natural Gas
CNG - Clean Energy
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Star Valley CNG

Present CNG price is:  $2.15/gge

Pump Status: Fully Operational 24/7/365

If you're coming to or from Salt Lake City, Utah, or points South; and heading to or from Jackson, Wyoming, Idaho Falls, Idaho, or points North; we're right in the middle and right on your way with the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) you need to refuel. 

See our Conversion Info page for information on local CNG vehicle sales and conversion installations and repair. 

Star Valley CNG is the place to stop and fill up - also with great food and drink at any of our restaurants or grocery stores.  Please stop by and get some gas and grub.  If you're planning an overnight stay, we have a number of fine Hotels and good, clean motels to rest at.  May we suggest the Mountain Inn Condos.  Beautiful, rustic, yet modern rooms with full amenities. 

And check out our listing on! 

Stop in and fill up!
We're just North of Burger King in Afton

122 North Washington Street
Afton, Wy  83110